Mathematical ferocity
(RUN Morph)


Mathematical ferocity (Italian version) Europe is becoming a ferocious mathematical entity. Listen to the dominant discourse of the politicians, the bankers, and of the mainstream media: the mathematical necessity of the banking system commands austerity; social expenditure has to be … Continue reading

Recurring Dreams


di Federico Campagna This piece derives in part from an article I wrote in October 2011, titled Recurring Dreams: the red heart of fascism. In that article, I tried to analyze two different types of debt (the money-debt and the … Continue reading

A new timestate zone of being


by Alexandra-Odette Kypriotaki When Greek transport and public cleaning workers cease acting, the urban landscape transformes into a kind of an art installation: it could be called “decomposing capitalism”. I will try to explain why these inactions should be reinforced … Continue reading

El Gobierno de Nadie


    By Amador Savater “Consideramos un gobierno tecnocrático de unidad nacional la mejor opción para llevar a cabo las reformas y mantener la confianza de los inversores, con una composición que abarque izquierda y derecha del espectro político y … Continue reading

Conference Archive
(San Marino)


What is the impact of the current economic crisis on the life of the European society? What is the relation between financial crisis and political imagination today? First panel. Friday 20 May, 4:30pm. Christian Marazzi – University of Bellinzona Federico … Continue reading

I want to think POST-U
(San Marino)

Prince Charles, Camilla

(Italian version) Net-economy In the ‘90s, when the Net began to create a new environment for cognitive activity, and to mutate the very methodology of the knowledge process, many theorists and technologists and economists optimistically spoke of a long, inexhaustible … Continue reading